This is applicable to customers who have ordered vpses before

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

For all old customers having bandwidth and port speed different in their vps plan than listed in our website will be changed to the "listed bandwidth" after 1st June , 2020 . This only affect our ckvm vpses " Premium China Optimized KVM VPS " . No changes for new customers who have vps bandwidth and port speed as listed in our website . There is no change in renewal pricing in old customers .

Please check our plans details below and then compare how much bandwidth and port speed your vps have :

This is due to cost hike by network providers .  If you do not want it , you can cancel your vps before  period 1st June , 2020 and apply for refunds for the remaining period of your vps ( refund will be calculated based on months that you have used since your last payment and months left for your paid term . Example you have 7 months used for your ckvm2 vps and 5 months left , refund will be calculated on " amount paid - (7 months used x previous monthly cost  of ckvm2)   ckvm1=4.99/mo,ckvm2=7.99/mo,ckvm3=16.99/mo, ckvm4=45.99/mo,ckvm5=85.99/mo" ) . There will be no refund after 1st June,2020.

Keep watching this page for any new updates or clarifications regarding this later .

For any clarification/doubts , contact us at

We request you not to make any refund request without reading this notice properly .

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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